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News: Bed&Breakfast Country proposes you some tourist runs to cross by motocicle or by bike, or with your car or in train, the page web is in continuous updating with new proposals you come to visit here the page.

Veneto is the only region in the world to have a concentration of beautiful sceneries within short distances. In its territory you can find lakes, plains, hills, mountains, sea with beaches, oases and parks. The towns and villages are rich of art and history, with hamlets, villas and castles. The Euganean Thermal Baths and the Euganean Hills are of  a main touristic importance. Our Bed & Breakfast Country is at a very short distance from Padua, Venice, Chioggia, Rovigo. It is 10 minutes from the Euganean Hills and from Abano and Montegrotto's spas. Travelling by car  it takes 30 minutes to reach the seaside. If you prefear move by train we recommend You to look at this page to have information on the trains


Venice: (the photo was taken from the top of the Bell Tower). You can reach Venice in two very cheap ways, leaving from Monselice: by train in about 30 minutes; by car in the motorway in about 40 minutes. The city is  full of a lot of works of art and of history. We advice you to visit the Rialto Bridge in the Grand Canal, Saint Mark's Church and the Palazzo Ducale in Saint Mark's Square.

Padua: It is an ancient town of art; its origins go back to the Roman times, it has been an important centre since 59 b.C., with palaces and churches built in the XIV century. We advice you to see Prato della Valle: it is the largest square in Europe, it is rich of statues.  Saint Anthony's Basilica: it was built in 1232 and is one of the most beautiful Basilicas in Italy with a very decorated inside. The Gattamelata's Monument by Donatello was made in 1453; while the Scrovegni's Chapel hasthe insidefrescoed by Giotto and it was consecrated in 1305. You can reach Padua in 20 minutes by car.

Monselice -Este – Montagnana are walled towns with fortresses and castles at the foot of the Euganean Hills' Park. You can reach them in 5 – 10 – 20 minutes by car.

Euganean Hills – Arquà Petrarca: the village has a medieval aspect; it has been said it is the most beautiful village in Italy. The famous poet Francesco Petrarca lived and died there: he was one of the most important Italian poets; his house can still be seen in Arquà. You can reach a lot of other wonderful places on the Euganean Hills, suitable for bicycle, mountain-bike and cross-country motorcycle lovers.
On foot you can walk along paths among peculiar flora and fauna.

The Lake of Garda: It is at the boundary of Veneto and Lombardy. If you go by car, it is better to take the Motorway. It takes about 60 minutes to reach the Lake. It is the largest lake in Italy and one of the most important in Europe. It offers wonderful views to the tourist. The children can enjoy themselves in  a very big amusement park.


The Delta of the Po River and Valli di Comacchio:  The river Po is the most important Italian river; it marks the boundary of Veneto with Emilia Romagna. The river has a very large delta that attracts many fishermen and nature lovers that can have their picnics there in the quietness. The place is also famous for birdwatching or for riding a mountain bike or a cross-country motorcycle, since you can find  many dirt patches. It is the ideal place to spend a day that is quite different from the others. It can be reached in less than 40 minutes.


The port of Chioggia and Sottomarina's Beach: You can reach the beach of Sottomarina in only 30 minutes. It is one of the most important seaside resorts of the Adriatic coast, the ideal place for swimming and for walks both on the promenade and on the dike. In summer the town is full of life at every hour.

Veneto's Dolomites: This is one of the biggest attractions in Veneto. During the beautiful season you can go and see  lots of Dolomitic passes: it is the ideal place for nature lovers and to take  wonderful walks in the mountains. During the Christmas holidays many mountain villages are all decked out and little markets and craftmade products can be found in them. You should visit Bassano del Grappa which is famous for its wood bridge, Marostica for its walled fortress, Asiago that is well known for the First World War, but also for its typical cheese. It takes you about 80 minutes to reach these places.

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